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About Welfare.

Science Welfare subcommittee aims to serve the students of Science by providing all things for YOUR welfare. We got your back throughout the whole academic year with our initiatives to make student life more interesting and fun (who doesn't like free stuff?!) Take a break from studying and sign up for our workshops where you can unwind with your friends! Find us during examination periods for your Exam Welfare Packs FILLED with goodies or catch our bubble tea day and more!

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Our Events

Exam Welfare Pack

Every semester nearing finals season, Science Welfare distributes the Exam Welfare Pack that everyone anticipates! Collaborating with NUSSU and our own hand-picked sponsors, we’re sure that this bag of goodness will motivate you to power through the stressful examination period 

Bubble Tea Day

Craving something sweet to push through lectures and tutorials? Catch us during our bubble tea day for a sweet treat!


Need an activity to de-stress from all your assignments? Make your own miniature clay keychain or build a terrarium by signing up for free workshops organized by us! 

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