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Freshmen Orientation Projects Central Committee


About FOPCC.

Serving as the backbone and coordinating body for all Freshmen Orientation Projects under Science Club, FOPCC creates and designs the FOP Theme every year, representing each of the FOPs to create a cohesive, united FOP journey for all! FOPCC also designs and sources for the FOP Identity, a welcome gift for both freshmen as they make their first steps in their university journey, as well as the seniors’ tee to provide a common identity for all seniors and FOP subcommittee members. Every year, FOPCC aims to bond all the FOPs together as #oneFOP, and provides support to all five FOPs to achieve their goals in enhancing the freshmen experience. 

Helmed by FOPCC, FOP Day serves as a retreat for FOP subcommittee members to enjoy the semester while getting to know the other FOPs better through fun and games. 

FOPCC also plans Science Freshmen Induction (SCI-FI), which is a 2-day camp which caters to freshmen who missed the FOPs in the summer, particularly international students. Held at the beginning of the semester, SCI-FI promises to be an energising start to student life in Science and NUS, by introducing freshmen to the unique Science spirit and identity! Follow us @nusscience1fop

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