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Our Events


NUS Student’s Science Club has always held an annual Halloween celebration and it was held from 25th Oct – 28th Oct 2022. The theme was “Frankenscience” as the various subcommittees will brainstorm on various items to sell for their own booths and come up with games for students to enjoy to raise funds for their event in the upcoming AY.

Halloween’22 aims to foster interaction between the subcommittee members, by providing them with a platform for them to work together and execute the ideas they have for the event. It also creates vibrancy and livens up the atmosphere around Science, especially as we approach the Examination Period. Lastly, through Halloween, we hope that students will be more aware of the different events that are organised by both Science Club and Academic Societies. 


The event was also a good way for the subcommittees to work together, especially since it was the first event that involves all the subcommittees at the start of their term. 

Valentines' Day

NUS Student’s Science Club has always held an Annual Valentine’s Day Celebration, aimed at creating Vibrancy and livening up the atmosphere around Science, and Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate the friendship forged in the Faculty of Science. This year’s Valentine’s is a combination of Science Club Valentine’s Day and Science Day which was last held in 2019. For Science Day, Science Club works closely with the various Academic Discipline Coordinating Committees (ADCCs) to put together a day of fun-filled activities for the students to enjoy.

As the COVID situation got better, we held a physical Valentine’s Day carnival with various booths across our subcommittees and the academic societies to provide fun-filled activities for our Science students. Building on the relationships forged throughout the past few months, Valentine’s Day Celebration serves as another opportunity for team-building experience in the subcommittees/academic societies, as well as raising more funds to continue holding more events for the students in the upcoming semester.

This event was an overwhelming success as it was the first carnival held in the entire NUS and it serves as a stepping stone for other faculty to have carnival events to bring back student life in NUS. Through this event, all the subcommittees and academic societies were able to raise more than what they expected, and we saw a huge increase in attendance not just students from Science but also other faculty to celebrate Valentine’s Day together with us.

L.E.G.O Week

NUS Student’s Science Club organises L.E.G.O. Week annually in September. L.E.G.O. Week stands for Loving, Enriching, Giving and Outreach, and it aims to help raise awareness of a chosen beneficiary, usually, one that is less well-known to the public, as well as provide opportunities for Science students to give back to society through a week of activities involving the beneficiary. This event also serves as a leadup to NUS Day of Service where other faculties will also plan out events to give back to those in need. L.E.G.O. Week involves all service subcommittees under Science Club, namely Receiving and Giving (RAG), Flag and Science Volunteer Corp (SVC), where a few members from each subcommittee will join to form the planning committee for L.E.G.O. Week. Therefore, this event allows for inter-subcommittee bonding and forging of new friendships despite being near the end of the term for the subcommittee members. 


In previous years, due to the covid-19 situation, the conduct of L.E.G.O was limited by strict restrictions, resulting in online posts for publicity. With the lifted measures, NUS Student’s Science Club hopes to bring back the original essence of L.E.G.O Week through conducting fun hands-on activities with the beneficiary to show our appreciation throughout the week and give back to society to the best of our abilities.

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