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Bachelor of Environmental Studies  

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About BES.

The BES Student Committee aims to support the growth of the BES student body and nurture a cohesive BES community by providing new opportunities and improving the welfare of the students. We work to foster a more cohesive BES-wide community, raise the profile of BES within and outside NUS and connect the BES student body with the external community. We organise numerous events such as the Symposium of Future Sustainability, an annual conference supported by the Rotary Club of Suntec City which involves a panel of invited speakers from various backgrounds and fields. We also have events catered specifically for our students such as BES Career Fair, and Share and Care Sessions, as well as collaborations with green groups in Singapore to engage the NUS community in environment-related activities. One such activity is BES Groves, an annual event organised by the BES student Committee with the aim of giving BES students the opportunity to understand the impact of marine trash firsthand and promote environmental awareness. Through these events, the student committee hopes to create stronger awareness and to promote community engagement in environmental conservation.

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