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Pharmaceutical Society


About Pharmacy.

Since its inception in 1960, the NUS Pharmaceutical Society (NUSPS) has been committed to its core goal of improving the welfare of the central student population of our Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science undergraduates in Singapore, beyond just academics. Following the induction of the first batch of pharmaceutical science undergraduates, we have strived to foster intimate ties, not just between students of each degree, but also between students of both degrees. This is because we believe that, first and foremost, friendships can and should be accompanied by one's academic pursuits. Secondly, the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries are ultimately intertwined, with each industry expounding on the knowledge and experience gained from the other ultimately, to improve consumers' needs.

There are three areas of a NUSPS student's needs that we aim to meet: 

1) Providing a strong support system for our students through the House and Senior-Junior pairing system as well as through the bonds forged with their peers in our various activities; 

2) Enriching the university experience of our students through our webinars, social activities, development opportunities in event management and planning, volunteering opportunities, etc; 

3) Professional development of our students through networking opportunities with alumni, career development workshops, and industrial and clinical attachment opportunities.

As you scroll through our social media pages, you will notice the pouring spirit of Pharmily, the strong conviction that no one is left behind in this community, from both the committee members who serve them wholeheartedly and the students who have felt and experienced this camaraderie. All members are equally important; from the committee members who serve the community wholeheartedly and the students, who are the beneficiaries. We pride ourselves in this spirit of Pharmily and we extend this movement to all those who wish to join our Pharmily as well. 

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