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Chemical Sciences Society

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About CSS.

Since 1971, NUS Chemical Sciences Society (CSS) has been actively involved in promoting the study of Chemistry under the Department of Chemistry. CSS organizes many activities and initiatives for NUS Chemistry undergraduates and prospective Chemistry undergraduates throughout the academic year. CSS is under the management of an annually elected student executive committee. CSS works closely with NUS Science Club and other academic societies to develop programmes aimed to enhance the quality of student life at NUS.


CSS aims to provide the necessary academic support to the Chemistry cohort in NUS, ensuring that students have access to and are well-informed about the various academic opportunities that NUS has to offer. This is done through our student-led initiatives and publicity outreach via our social media platforms. Some of our annual events include Meet-the-Researchers, where Chemistry professors are invited to share more about their research projects with the student body. CSS has also founded our own Module Review Repository where students have a platform to review Chemistry modules that they have taken, allowing the next batch of students to learn more about the modules NUS Chemistry has to offer.


Aside from academics, CSS hosts a variety of student life events and welfare activities that aim to foster a sense of belonging and community within the chemistry cohort. At CSS, we organize a Day of Service, opening up volunteering activities for students to participate in, and giving them the opportunity to give back to society. Welfare activities include Welfare Pack distribution and Welfare Tea, ensuring that students have the necessary welfare support behind their academic endeavours. Last but not least, CSS aims to foster a vibrant student life through events such as Chem & Chill, where students are invited to a day of fun and games, meeting and forging new friendships within Chemistry. 


CSS remains as a well-bonded society with like-minded peers that aims to support the Chemistry cohort to the best of our abilities. We strive to create a fun and memorable journey for students in NUS Chemistry. To learn more about our society and be updated on our events, do follow our Instagram @chemsocnus or drop us an email at

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