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About Comms.

Communication aims to bring YOU closer to Science! The Communications Subcommittee members are the ones working hard behind the scene (including maintaining THIS very website that you are scrolling through!), sharing publicity for Science Club events through our very own Facebook, Instagram and Telegram channels! We also got you covered during various events by documenting your happy moments and turning them into precious memories by our very own photographers! 

Are you passionate about photography but unsure of where to begin? Look no further! Join us at our Photowalk event where you can learn basic photography and editing skills. Follow us @nussciencecomms

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Our Events


A two-part photography event that eases beginners (or experts) into the art of photography and photo editing. Participants would experience a photography workshop conducted by members of the Videography and Photography (VAP) department in Communications and are then given the opportunity to explore NUS and take photos with their newly acquired skills using a DSLR

Participants will then go through a photo editing workshop and edit their newly taken photos! Participants with the best photo will walk home with attractive prizes.

Annual Newsletter

The annual newsletter is a newly initiated newsletter which will be pushed out by Communications at the end of every academic year to students with a recap of all the events that have happened over the past year! This allows students to reminisce about the fun times and cherish those memories with their friends! 

People in Science Instagram series

People in Science series aim to create a stronger sense of identity and belonging in Science Faculty by being a more down-to-earth and authentic platform, exposing Science students to the different events that are happening in Science including accounts of the people who have experienced it and introduce to Science Students Science Club, the Academic Societies and the people whom they come across daily in science

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