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Project Angel

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About Project Angel.

Project Angel aims to provide relief to areas in the world that are less developed, mainly countries in Asia. Members of the Project Angel Subcommittee will plan and embark on their very own overseas service learning project, providing safe yet challenging experiences for them to serve, learn and grow together. This Project also looks to serve the needs of beneficiary communities overseas in a way that promotes self-sustainability and positive reciprocity. Follow us @nussciprojectangel

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Our Events


Project Angel holds multiple fundraisers during the AY to raise funds which will be channelled towards serving the target beneficiaries, as well as to spread awareness of Project Angel to NUS students and staff and garner their support for the Project.

Local Projects

The Project Angel Subcommittee plans activities that serve community needs for a local beneficiary. Through the local projects, members are provided with the opportunity to explore and discover social issues within and outside of Singapore.

Overseas Project

The main overseas expedition takes place in the months of May and June when the Project Angel Subcommittee embarks on an overseas trip to serve the overseas beneficiary and to learn from the locals.

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