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About Sports.

Science Sports Subcommittee aims to encourage Science students to achieve work-life balance by organising sports events that cater to the Science population and encourage them to engage in an active lifestyle throughout the semester and beyond!

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Our Events


Sports Jio! is an initiative that aims to engage Science students in different sports regardless of their experience levels. It serves as an avenue for experienced students to engage in friendly matches, whilst providing a safe environment for inexperienced students to learn and try out new sports through coaching by our very own Sports Committee members.

Science Sports Games

Science Sports Games (SSG) is an annual one-day event with both competitive and recreational segments. It aims to introduce sports to Science students, provide an avenue where they can forge new and stronger friendships, and utilise sports to build teamwork.


illumiNUS is a night cycling event where participants will be engaging in overnight cycling and taken on a scenic night trail. Additionally, participants get to enjoy supper with their peers and take pictures of iconic landmarks. It enables participants to de-stress through exercise, especially after the end of a semester. 

Inter-Faculty Games

Inter-Faculty Games (IFG) is NUS’ largest campus life event where faculties compete against one another in a variety of sports. We play a part in organising and managing the event together with sports committees of other faculties and the NUS Students’ Sports Club. We recruit captains and athletes for each sport who will train together and ultimately represent Science in IFG!

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