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Food Science & Technology Society

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About FST.

The Food Science and Technology (FST) Society is one that is run by selected FST students for the FST population. The 14th FST Society is an 18-member team aiming to enhance the student life of FST students by providing them with opportunities to expand their horizons to their future careers, as well as incorporate activities to engage the students to make schooling more enjoyable for them. Such activities are organised with the aim of fostering new friendships and making student life more interesting and meaningful, giving them the time to take a breather from the rigour of academic work. We believe that school is much more than just academic excellence, and the society hopes to give FST students an avenue to explore beyond the textbook, through events like career talks and industry tours, 

During the first semester of AY22/23, we have organised a range of activities, from career talks by NUS FST Alumni, to a mentorship programme where students are paired with alumni to give them an avenue to seek advice, Halloween merchandise sales and even curating welfare packs for students during the exam periods. We are always striving to give the best school life experience for the FST population, not forgetting their mental wellness. The FST Society focuses on an all-rounded approach to improve the quality of student life for the FST population and will always put in our best efforts to achieve our goals. 


For this coming semester, FST Society has a lineup of events planned for you, from the Food Tech Challenge, Ice Cream Making and Baking event, Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner and many more! FST students will definitely have much to look forward to.

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