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Physics Society


About Physics.

NUS Physics Society serves as the heart for the welfare of all the physics majors. Every year, the number of physics majors in NUS adds up to about 250 students. We are here to go all out to make our university life more memorable for all the physicists in NUS. We want to hear from you, and do something that can make everyone's life better! We act as the bridge between the student body, and the teaching and administrative staff, making sure that communication goes both ways. We want to establish the building blocks for rapport, and make the NUS Physics Department a lovely place to be in.


Every year, the NUS Physics Society hosts activities such as the mid-autumn festival celebration, staff and student games, and other fun and food-oriented activities, to get physics majors to get out of their study rooms, and have some fellowship with friends, professors and tutors. Further activities include career talks, to make clear the path to building a strong future for our student body. To induct incoming students, we organise the freshmen orientation camp, to encourage bonding among the budding physicists. Another key event that we host is our physics outreach programme, to gather interested pre-university students to learn more about physics.


Check out what we're up to at our home site!

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